Prints and Digital Downloads

All of Our Gallery Photos are Available for Digital Downloads, and are 300 DPI / High Resolution.  These Photos are Ideal for Use on Websites, Social Media, Commercial Use, and Promotional Use -- Royalty Free.

While All of Our Photos are Available for Digital Download, We Do Recommend Getting Prints Made Here at MillCreek Photography.

Our printed photos come in a number of sizes, and are ideal for enjoyment, in "real life," whether it be hanging on a wall, placed on a bookshelf, and such, versus being on mobile phones, computers, etc.  

Printed photos are ideal for gifts to family members, friends, co-workers, associates, and clients.

Photos by MillCreek Photography are processed and printed on high quality paper, to ensure longevity. 

Many people have come to believe that getting the digital downloads is best because they can control the process and it’s cheaper to print.    Believing that digital files are the best option when, in fact, they may never be.

Digital images are MEANT to be is a temporary method of storage: all too many things can go wrong with digital media leaving many people in a lurch with images that were never printed; images that will never be displayed; images that will never be archived and made permanent; and perhaps "lost."

Lets face it, photos that are digitally downloaded, get 'tucked away," to never see the light of day…and maybe JUST MAYBE to be (if you’re lucky) in a year or two with an “I meant to print some of these…” utterance.


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