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Rock Gardens - Calhoun Georgia

November 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This volunteer-built, folk art is a must-see! In addition to the acre of flowers and greenery, there is the captivating artistry of more than 50 diminutive buildings. 

The structures, all crafted from tiny stones, pebbles, shells, odd pieces of broken glass and china, rocks, ceramic tile, cement, wire and other materials, are designed to imitate their larger counterparts. There are wee-sized churches, houses, castles, a monestery, cathedrals such as a structure modeled after the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, with stained-glass windows; and minikin porcelain figures of people and animals, some as small as two inches. 

A real-people-sized music pavliion towers over it all, added to provide a place for music performances.

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